Multi-purpose Natural Horsemanship Strings

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These training strings are the real deal!  Constructed from 1/4" high quality double braid yacht line with a loop at one end and a premium latigo leather popper at the other.  

The Natural Horsemanship String has many purposes. The most common use is attached to the training stick as an extension of your arm.  Choose the length you desire to fit the stick of your choice.  The 5' and 6' options are the most popular. Stick sold separately.   Another option is tying the ends together to make a neck string for subtle cues either from the ground or riding bridleless. 

The 3' and 4' lengths are great to use for grazing tails when out on the trail.  Attach the loop end to the middle of your finesse reins.  When you stop for grazing, just hang on the to tail so you don't have to lean forward to let them graze.  While riding, just tuck the string in your belt or belt loop.  It also comes in handy as a quirt if you need to encourage your horse!  

The 9' string is great to use when handling a foal to teach them how to react to pressure.  It is also great to use as a catch string or get down string by pulling a length through the loop to create a nose loop.  This string can be used as a Cherokee bridle! Use two of them for line driving.  

Need a different length?  Custom sizes are available.  Please contact us.