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44pcs tools with box
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You will love this 44 Piece Clay Pottery Tool to use when you are crafting!  You will wonder how you did it without them!  Get Yours While On Sale!


Clay-colored shapes: remove fingerprints and flaws from clay surfaces, or for color matching, blending, and painting.
Cutting a circular hole cutter: cutting a circular hole.
Wood carving knife: used for clay modeling, scraping, smoothing, shaping and cutting.
Engraving tools: used for clay carving, brushing, cleaning, etc.
Sponge: not only add or absorb water during production, but also scrub the toilet after fabrication.
The shape of the rubber pen can be mixed, shaped and easily removed from the clay surface fingerprints and flaws.

Size characteristics:
A variety of sculpted shapes are available to make your design more flexible.
The lightweight and comfortable structure makes your design easier.
High quality design, long lasting use, easy to clean and store.
Suitable for beginners and experts. Every craftsman should have one.

packing list:
44pcs*DIY Art Clay Pottery Tool